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Make the Most Popular “Mods” Compatible On Your TS1000

1b Steps to Good Dsektp Publashams

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SOFTWAR TS2068 TS1000 Badgammon (Backgammon)........ $12.95 Advanced Math (Calculus)......... $12.95 $7.95 Calorie Counter..................006. 99.95 $5.95 U.S.A. (Pres. & States & Caps.)....89.95 $5.95 Gambler (poker)............c006 es $9.95 CHR$ (char. & graphics generator) $12.95 Hangman & TIC—TAC—TOE................ $5.95

Brother M1109 Dot Matrix Printer, compact, low noise, 100 CPS, both Parallel and Serial inter~ faces, multiple typestyles with near letter quality print mode and 4k memory buffer. comes with tractor feed unit... $249.95


The Best of SUM

Some sample articles include: Building Your Own Spectrum Emulator, Repairing Your TS-1000, Word Processing Reviews for the 2068, UDGs on the TS- 1000, Extensive Review of the Zebra Disk System,

Adding a Keyboard to the 2068, and Enhancing the A & J Microdrive. 112 pages

Price: $11.95


® for Centronics parallel printers e works in both 2068 and Spectrum mode @ compatible with OS-64 & Spectrum emulators e EPROM socket and on/off switch on board © works with both Tasman and Aercodriver software ® plugs into cartridge dock—door completely closes with cable running back under computer

@ frees up rear edge connector allowing other peripherals to be used; less chance of a crash

@ print driver software for LPRINT, LLIST, and COPY included for 2068 and Spectrum modes

FootePrint Interface w/software & cable $45°°

FootePrint with OS-64 option included ..$65°°

Bare board @ instructions only

Cable only for use with bare board

Zero Insertion Force Socket option add $10


| Besiocees [( A compilation of the best articles, reviews, programs, and hardware projects

The Best of SUM, Part Il

Articles include Building an EPROM Program- mer, Sprites on the 2068, Adding RGB to 2068, QL Word Processing, What's Available for TS-1000, andmuchmore. 60 pages

Price: $7.95

FOOTE *%, SOFTWARE P. O. Box 14655 Gainesville, FL 32604 904/462-1086 (6 pm - 9 pm EDT)

All prices are pre-paid and include shipping charges. Florida residents must add 5% state sales tax.

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‘‘themed’’ issues

We're going to focus on a central theme for the next two issues, complete with key articles (and even some programs and product reviews). This time around, we will take a look into the area of DESKTOP PUBLISHING. This has beén a favorite topic of many personal computer

publications for the last couple of years and _ through

the dedicated effort of some software developers, you can now apply this technique to our beloved Sinclair computers. Desktop Publishing gives the user some very powerful "tools" to combine: both text and graphics for the development of many types of documents, including: newsletters,. magazines, reports, instruction manuals, or even a letter to a friend. You don't necessarily have to be an editor.or publisher for this type of program, as much simpler applications are possible. But the Desktop- type program has really changed the way small scale publishing is performed. Magazines and Journals have literally cropped up overnight as a result.

Of course, if you-have no interest in this subject, we still offer a host of other articles and programs, as well.as all of our regular features.

Our next issue's theme will be TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Some of. you.may remember our March/April ‘86 (Vol 2, No.3) issue, which ran an article on converting a _ sur- plus 2050 modem board into an RS~232 Serial port. By far, that has been our best selling back issue. I won't go into a lot of detail here, but what we have in store for the next issue, should be every bit as good (if not better). Don't miss out on the November/December '87 issue!

I'd. like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bill Ferrebee of Mountaineer Software for his hand in de- Signing the front cover of our Desktop issue. Bill was formally a columnist for the now defunct TS-HORIZONS. Currently, he is collaborating with Stan Lemke of Lemke Software Development on some hot new software packages.

Do you have an idea for a future themed issue? Send us your suggestion, and if we use it, you will get credit (where credit is due) here in this’ column.

Where to get your computer fixed.

Still the most popular correspondence we receive, is the question, "Where can I get my computer fixed?" If you own a Sinclair QL or Spectrum, you need. to con- tact the dealer where you purchased your computer for advice. But ‘for TS1000/TS1500/Zx81 and TS2068 owners, the answer is a bit different.

Just before we went to press, we contacted Timex to get an official statement as to the status of repairs preformed by their service department. As of yet, they have. not provided an answer. We should have it by next issue. One reader wrote in to tell.us that they had just recently. sent in a TS2068 to be repaired, and received a refurbished computer as a replacement (a practice that

Continued Next Page.

Timex has used for quite awhile--refurbished units come from Portugal). Yet other TDM readers have reported that when they contacted the Timex Service Dept., they were told by "front office" personnel that repairs were no longer performed.

Your BEST insurance against "down time" due to a faulty computer, is to purchase a "BACK UP" computer. You can usually find a reasonable. deal on-.a second-hand one, and if you ever have to use it, it will be worth it's weight in gold. In our office here at TDM, we have several back ups ready to go if anything ever happens. It's just too expensive NOT to have them. Our Classified section is a good source for finding a good buy on a spare computer.

We have also been contacted by a company that will repair Timex Sinclair computers for a very reasonable

cost, called PROMISE LAND ELECTRONICS. Dan Elliott is the owner and service technician; full time he is a troubleshooter for a large supplier of computerized

medical equipment and then repairs color TV's and computers part-time. Along with repair's, he will aiso perform modifications and will even assemble and test circuit boards. If you are interested in getting your TS2068, TS1500, or TS1000 (and ZX81) repaired, you can write and request a flyer that includes a price sheet of various service charges. Dan Elliott told TDM that Promise Land Electronics specializes in reasonable rates and good customer service. Write: to: Promise Land Electronics, Attention: Dan Elliott, Rt. 1, Box 117, Cabool, MO 65689. You can also phone: (314) 739-1712

evenings from 5 p.m.-9 p.m., and (417) 469-4571 week- ends.

Computer In Business.

Here is an excerpt froma letter we recently re- ceived:

"I just finished reading the July/August TDM and always enjoy discovering new TS products and in- formation in every issue.

I've noticed that much of TDM is devoted to programming techniques. and technical information, which is great: for a computer whiz and_ serious programmers. But how about an article on someone who uses their Timex computer system for business’ use?

I'm just starting out as a self-employed book- keeper and freelance writer and I'm planning to use my TS2068. I'm aware that many "computer experts" do not consider the TS2068 applicable for business use, but surely there must be others who either use it in business or hope to.

Hope you consider the idea...I'd be interested in reading about others who actually use their computers in business, how they went about starting and what their systems include."

Sincerely, Carolyn Bower Wooster, Ohio

A very good suggestion Carolyn. And since you asked for this, our first "Spotlight" on using Sinclair's in business follows. If anyone knows of individuals or a company that is putting an inexpensive TS to work for them in a professional setting, please contact us, and we may run the story in an upcoming issue.

Maryland Doctor Uses ZX81.

Larry Sheingorn, M.D., is an Opthamologist who practices in Rockville, Maryland. About five years ago he purchased a ZX8l1. This was a fully assembled model, and began to experiment in Sinclair BASIC. A year later, and he had programmed a software package called DAYSHEET that he continues to use in his medical office today. "Daysheet"’ as the name implies keeps a running total of patients that are processed in one day, and what care

was administered, and the appropriate charges. The day- sheet is totalled and balanced at the end of the day, and greatly helps to simplify bookkeeping.

Daysheet is entirely written in BASIC, but requires a 64K Rampack and a full size printer. At this time, the program is set up to handle a patient load of 25, but it could be re-defined for more accounts. Built-into the program are ICD and CPT codes, which are_ standard medical office codes to represent medical procedures that are performed. For example if the user would type "CE", the computer recognizes this to mean "Complete Exam" and adds the correct charge to the patients record. Doctor Sheingorn's three secretaries are all trained to use the program.

"Our ZX81 runs 24 hours a day. It's. never turned off, and there have been NO problems," Dr Sheingorn told IDM. None of the typical anti-heat and Rampack crash modifications have been performed, except a little more compound was added to the heat sink. "The printer can't be on the same table as the computer. There is too much vibration," advised Sheingorn.

Speaking of printers, the Daysheet software was originally set up to drive a Seikosha (Gorilla Banana) printer, but high volume use literally wore it out, and was replaced with an Epson.

A Memotech keyboard replaces the ZX8l's membrane keyboard, a Memotech Centronics printer interface is used, along with a Byte Back 64K Ram module. "Basically, the ZX81 is used just as a circuit card. We have lots of them," said Sheingorn.

Another program called "Fast Office" is used for billing purposes, but was programmed on a Commodore 64 by the doctor. He is currently converting this program to an IBM PC, which will soon replace the Commodore.

When asked about programming with the Sinclair, Doctor Sheingorn replied, "Timex BASIC is suprisingly powerful, like the way it dimensions arrays. You are really only limited by memory. The BASIC is. fairly straightforward...and is very similar to other versions like MicroSoft BASIC."

TDM readers who are interested in the DAYSHEET program, or would like to contact the doctor, can write to: Larry Sheingorn, M.D., Suite 502, 9715 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850.

Doctor Sheingorn's secretary Laura, is hard at work with the 2x81

Brazil’s TK 90X

In our last issue, we reported on Timex Sinclair clones which are manufactured in Argentina, and also briefly mentioned another Sinclair clone from Brazil. International Correspondent, Bob Lussier, has supplied us with more details on the TK 90X, which is fully compatible with the Sinclair Spectrum, but also_ shows some internal copying of the TS2068.

The Brazilian company MICRODIGITAL is the principal manufacturer and distributer of the TK9O0X. It is avail- able in both 16K and 48K RAM configurations. Another model, the TK 95, has additional RAM and a_ full-sized, typewriter-style keyboard. Microdigital has revamped the standard Spectrum ROM, by offering a few bug corrections and features. Two additional character sets may be called with just a single command, both Spanish and Portuguese—the principal language of Brazil. BASIC commands are in English.

Several years ago, Sir Clive attempted to take some legal action against Microdigital for producing the

unauthorized Spectrum clone. However, through immunity provided by the Brazilian government, Microdigital is protected against worldwide copyright laws. Many other

cases of cloning and copyright violations exist through- out South America, including hardware add-ons and .soft- ware packages.

Fred Nachbaur

Fred Nachbaur, is perhaps, best known for his

con- tinuing campaign for interest and support in the Zx81 (and TS1000/TS1500). But Fred also has developed some outstanding software for these machines, including the

game DUNGEON OF YMIR, and his newest creation-ZX TERM*80 (see Tim Stoddard's report elsewhere in this issue). His most current software development utilizes machine code routines first introduced by Wilf Rigter, that give the user high resolution screen graphics on an otherwise low resolution computer.

Fred has been a public figure in our Sinclair community since the "early" days. He designed and sold a battery back-up system for the ZX (advertisements were ran in early SYNTAX magazines), he started SYNCWARE NEWS

> Fight to remain

5 e e & Y fpg Ome “Way, : In Canadian ‘home’ 2.2" ' Peo, Pong Pun c z Y gp Pleig ta a : "Cian CUlyy Unapst Co : s ITAZZIECS INCISON MAN Pcieceaceaen > rae Us Ws he sala © By KEVIN GRIFFIN and KIM PEMBERTON eat pe lop Nagpidh 2 A Nelson computer software programmer faces deportation to 1 AS Org Slden? Yong tur KS West Germany, despite the fact he has visited that country only |p M455, eq Sta

. A “Oo lO ps once since he was a child. th Was O's 6 Por,

9, = i jl . . a $3; lag leg Frederick Nachbaur is not considered a Canadian citizen by Joa, May ‘d he “Ss. Immigration Canada, even though the rest of his family are Can- le - dees? Imp es adians, ae at 1 /On 7M. He says his three-year legal tussle Taq, vagy at In Cc, tro a an

and after he gave up the title of publisher/editor, con- tinues to advise and write for the newsletter. Fred has also penned some recent programs and articles in recent issues of TIME DESIGNS.

But Fred hasn't seen exposure like he has in the last few months. Appearing on TV, Radio and in the local newspapers, Fred's three year legal battle with Canada's Immigration Service has created quite a stir here in the northwest, but most notably in British Columbia, Canada (his current homeland).

The Canadian government had been threatening with deportation because they did not consider Fred to be a citizen even though his parents are. Fred was born in West Germany in 1951, but his parents emigrated to Canada when he was 11 months. At a young age, the family once again moved for a short time to the U.S. Fred re- mained in the U.S. to attend college. His troubles began when he returned to Canada some years later.

The situation appears to be resolved now. Due to the tremendous press coverage the case had received, the Immigration Service has relented and will grant Fred "Landed Immigrant" status shortly.

We here at TIME DESIGNS wish the best for Fred and are happy that this situation may be over. Remember, you

can get in touch with Fred through his company, Silicon Mountain Computers, C-12, Mtn. Stn. Group Box, Nelson, B.C., Canada VIL 5Pl. 9 @ ® QL’s Price Hits Bottom $99.00 for complete unit A+ Plus Computer Response of Sullivan, New Hamp-

shire, the company that purchased the remaining stock of Sinclair QL's (U.S. Version), is apparently attempting to deplete their inventory of some two thousand QL's. They have announced that the QL's price until the end of the year will be $99.00, which includes the PSION suite of business programs.

Sharp's, Inc. of Mechanicsville, Virginia, has also announced that they currently have units in stock for the new price of $99. Other QL dealers have similar deals available.

When the current stock of U.S. QLs is depleted, there will be no more units available. Unless Amstrad follows up on the rumor that has been circulating. Reports indicate that they may release a new computer model based on the Sinclair QL's design.

More QL news from the U.K.

Dear Mr. Woods,

Thank you for publishing my letter in the May/June issue of TIME DESIGNS. Since the letter was written, time has moved on, and a few of the statements need to be updated. ; | 1. The "QL compatible" 68000 based Sandy FUTURA machine was seen in prototype form at a recent U.K. Microfair. The machine was running 0S9 and occasionally crashed. Rumor has it that the Futura will make its first working appearance with a QDOS compatible op- erating system as an IBM "plug-in" card rather than as a stand-alone machine. Unlike the THOR machine, the stand- alone Futura will not use existing QL circuit boards within its shell. :

2. The THOR 20 prices in my last letter were

relative to the standard THOR prices. In fact, all the prices have changed and they now start at £1179.00! The Thor 20 is regarded as a stop gap machine before CST

move away from using the QL circuit board towards a more “pure" 68020 32 bit bus system. It's performance is

disappointing for a 68020 system, but it is faster than a°O0.

Continued On Page 5.








A word processor is to a computer user what a typewriter is to a typist, except that the former has more advantages than the latter. ZX-Text can operate in 16-64K RAM providing from 1300 to 6500 words per document. It features 6 different options: write, read, edit, print, save and clear text. Text is written on a per-line basis with quick speed and with horizontal back-space and delete capabilities being available. You can also access the editor directly from write mode and vice-versa. Text can be proof-read on a per-line basis allowing for enough time to determine if any editing is needed. The text editor allows a line of text to be deleted, inserted, replaced and listed for editing. You may also change a word or expression within a line, stop or start text while it is scrolling up the screen, begin reading text from the first line of the file, re- enter write mode from the editor, return to the main-menu or create a window so that you can read-edit two files simultaneously. The print option takes text displayed in 30-column format on the screen and outputs to either the ZX/TS printer. (With Memotech’s Centronics Parallel interface 80-column and lower/ higher - case output is possible.) Files may be saved on tape cassette with the use of one single command, or by the same token they can be erased from memory / storage so that the full capacity of the program can be used for other purposes such as composing letters, reports, articles, memos, standard forms, instructions, ads, graphs, telephone directory, lists of customers, members, friends...etc. Also copies of files are always less expensive and easier to run than using a photocopier. Other advantages are savings in time, paper, ink, correcting mistakes and adding afterthoughts more efficiently than doing them through either handwriting or using a typewriter.






De Ls w

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 *


* A



An electronic spreadsheet calculator is the fundamental basic tool for summarising, reporting and analyzing in matrix form any accounting, mathematical or scientific manipulation of num- bers. ZX-Calc operates in 32-64K RAM and affords a maximum of 3360 characters / spreadsheet. The entire matrix consists of 15 columns (letters A-O) and 30 rows (numbers 1-30) with 8 characters / cell. Unlike other popular ESCs, ZX-Calc uses in calculations and within cells all 14 math functions on the ZX-81/TS1000. It offers a unique “SUM function that totals one or more rows/columns simultaneously. Parenthesis can be used within equations. There is no fixed limit on how many equations may be entered. Formulas may be stored in all 420 cells of the spreadsheet. The display affords 15 rows/colums. Loading of data into more than one cell can occur across/down one or more row/column simultaneously. With vertical windowing you can arrange a set of col- umns in any order, or practice using fixed-variable- alignment display formats. The menu offers 6 options: enter / erase, move, calculate, print, save and clear the spreadsheet. Enter/erase allows the entering, deletion or data alignment within a cell through the use of a mobile cursor. With the move option you may move around the entire sreadsheet to access any row, column or cell. The calculate option allows you to enter labels, values or formulas into a cell or write and enter equations that will act uponthe data already within the spreadsheet. You can also enter bar graphs into acellinthis option. Absolute / relative replica- tion, down/across acolumn/row, is alsoallowed by this option. Also this option allows the auto- matic calculation of the entire spreadsheet with one single command. Printallows youto outputto either the ZX/TS printer the entire spreadsheet by column-sets and row-pages through use of the COPY command. The entire spreadsheet may be saved on cassette tape or you may Clear all data from it or erase the program from RAM entirely. The most salient advantage provided by an ESC over specifically vertical applications software is that an ESC provides a reusable framework with which you can compose any specific financial model rather than just be limited to only one stati- cally fixed format for storing, displaying and manipulating numerical data.




ncaa MR. EVAN REED, CAREER N 5°30 ALM. MoU: y-Wale) A 1-2 HOUR gM 235° 20, 2008,57-. 2. OF NSIDE “OUTSIDE SALES ry




Time management is an important aspect of any serious business and personal agenda. Planning how to spend our time leaves us better prepared before and while we are spending it and we remain better organized after we finish spending it. ZX-Calendar operates in 16-64K RAM affording 25 appointments in 16K, 100 in 32K or 180 in 48K and 64K. Each appointment record holds a maximum of 220 characters. The main menu includes enter, search/check/sort, change, save, clear and print any and all appointments made on a specific date or with any party. Output to either the ZX/TS printer is permissible. This program will permit you to remember to do something or to be somewhere important by cataloging your answers to six questions that you must account for in order not to waste time when it is scarce: when, with whom, at what time, for how long, where and what are you going to discuss and conclude when you get together with someone else? The program lets you permanently originate, record, classify, search, sort, calculate, modify, summarize, obtain a written report and store your answers to the preceding questions so that you will not forget what you decide to do with your time. This program identifies your time according to when you are going to spend it and with whom you are going to share it. Through these forms of labeling appointments you are able to verify or modify how your time is budgeted without wasting ink, paper or more time trying to remember what you said to yourself or what someone else said to you or where you placed certain written messages that you now can't find. With this program you will know where you can find exactly what you need to know about where you want to and have to be, or where you have been, before you get and after you got there. Thus, ZX- Calendar will let you plan your time so that you will never have to worry about what is ahead or what came before, for you will always know, by using it, to never be caugNt astray by any time-frame.



A.F.R. SOFTWARE - 1605 Pennsylvania Avenue, No. 204 - Miami Beach, Florida 33139 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME (305) 531-6464 FLORIDIANS ADD SALES TAX

L-1 © 1984


3. ORAM Utilities (the Futura front end) did not originally work with programs compiled with the TURBO and SUPERCHARGE SuperBASIC compilers. After some heated discussion between QJump and Digital Precision, D.P. modified the extensions file, which apparently contained an incompatible "cursor on" command. Unfortunately, SuperBASIC programs compiled with earlier compilers than Turbo 1.42, will still not work with ORAM. Hopefully, software houses working in SuperBASIC will upgrade to the new systems.

4. QRAM contains code which effectively extends the operating system QDOS rather than SuperBASIC. The code provides a window/pointer system for re-sizeable/movable non-destructive windows. A main menu can be windowed on screen by hotkey (press ALT /).at any time. A _ pointer can then be moved over a vertical submenu (Files, Jobs, Channels, Print, Window dump, Options) and SPACE or ENTER pressed. A "grabber" utility which limits the memory a program can take, and an "Unlock" utility which makes windows destructive, are. included. The programs you have in memory can then be flipped through with

CTRL C. ORAM is best used with 640K or 896K QL systems. 5. The Miracle Systems TRUMP CARD, offering an additional 768K RAM (896K total), and a disk interface

with Toolkit 2, is now available for under £200. It is rumored that Sandy are working on an answer to this card, but time will tell.

6. Digital Precision's DESKTOP PUBLISHER 2.00 is much improved over version 1.00, though Thor owners should still check compatibility before purchase.

7. APT (Adventure Programming: Tool) from Shadow Games. has caused something of a stir in adventure circles. It supports graphics in mode 8 and text in mode 4 at the same time on screen. It also works in real time and uses multi-task fill routines. Some of .the current adventures are being re-written using APT, because of its advantages over the Quill Adventure Writer. APT 1.50 is the latest version.

8. A few people in the U.K. have recently been tinkering with Transputers. A.T800 Inmos floating point Transputer will comfortably out-perform a. 68020/68881 Motorola combination on its own. One enthusiast is de- signing a QL/Transputer interface for £75 (Transputer not included). He has succeeded in linking a Transputer to a QL through a Medic interface, no software though.

9. New adventures to be released shortly include "The Prawn", said to be a send up of its close name sake, and "Talisman".

10. Having bought the QLiberator 3.11 SuperBASIC compiler, I thought a good test might be to compile a radio satellite location program written in BASIC for

the Sinclair Spectrum (TS2068). The program, which was laced with GOSUB's and GOTO's compiled the first time with no errors, but a few warnings about incompatible BASIC commands did arise. On a bench test, a routine to draw the map of the world and then print the names’ of all available satellites and point to their locations,

took 1 minute 55 seconds in SuperBASIC and. 17 seconds compiled!

Sincerely, Richard Howe ARK DISTRIBUTION Corve Farmhouse, Chale Green Ventnor, United Kingdom PO38 2LA

Sir Clive’s Z88 Update

Sir Clive's latest microchip wonder is out now (for real), and the reports coming in, are that it does live up to expectations. Both Mark Steuber of Sharp's Inc., and Rob Curry of Curry Computer have had Z88's to test. Rob Curry reported to TIME DESIGNS that the resident software is very good, the display clear and readable, and overall an impressive machine. Drawbacks may be the lack of a data storage system other than RAM Cartridges (up to 128K), the choice by Sinclair to use BBC BASIC as


a resident language (how about Sinclair BASIC or Super- BASIC?), lack of an internal modem, and. the rather steep price tag...the retail price took a £100 jump to £399. Rob Curry also discussed the possibility of uploading and downloading data from a Sinclair QL via the 288's built-in RS232 port. I/O software for the IBM PC will be released shortly for this purpose on either 54% or 3% inch disc. An external modem is being developed and is tentatively. priced at £99.95.

Negotiations are currently being conducted between a U.S. dealer and CAMBRIDGE COMPUTER LTD to obtain a U.S. dealership for the 288. As of this writing, rers from Cambridge will not offer reasonable profit margins for the computer to be competively priced. The 288 will need to compete with other battery-powered laptops like Tandy's Model 100.

Interested readers can write to: Cambridge Computer Ltd., Cambridge, England CB4.1BR. Also, SECTOR SOFTWARE (39 Wray Crescent, Ulnes Walton, Leyland, Lancashire PR5 3NA) can obtain the Z88's, and is a reliable company to deal with. Direct your correspondence to the. attention of David Batty, and mention TIME DESIGNS.

Dates to remember:

* September 26, 1987 * THE GREAT N.W. TIMEX SINCLAIR MINI-FAIR Seattle Masonic Temple SO1l E. Pine St. Seattle, Washington 98122 9:00 am —- 6:00 pm $3 admission at the door. For further info:

. TDM 29722 Hult Road Coltan, OR 97017

(503) 824-2658 é

* March 7-9, 1988 xX SUNSTATE TIMEX SINCLAIR WINTERFEST Orlando Marriott 6001 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819 For further infa: Mary-Lynn Johnson 249 N. Harden Ave. Orange City, FL 32763 Sunstate BBS: (904) 775-0093 (7/1/E)

* June 23-26, 1988 *

SILICON VALLEY TIMEX SINCLAIR COMPUTER FEST South Bay Area/Northern California (Exact location un-confirmed at press time.) For further info:

Bob Orrfelt 3436 Bay Road Redwood City, CA 94063

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News From the Dealers

CURRY COMPUTER (P.O. Box 5607, Glendale, AZ 85312, phone 602-978-2902) has acquired a large amount of all brand new TS1000/ZX81 merchandise. Such items include the Timeworks Computer Control Center $19.95, Mindware Printers $24.95, and T/S BASIC books $3.95. The folks at Curry also found some brand new TS1000 computers and 16K Rampacks sitting all alone in a warehouse. They are selling both for $34.95 plus $4 S&H. Call or write for shipping charges for individual items. Also, prices quoted are "sale prices" and are subject to change.

Is there a resurgence of interest in the TS1000? Recently, the HOME SHOPPER CLUB, those zany folks on cable television networks who are ready to snatch your plastic money, put up for sale a computer "package". Yep, you guessed it...the computer was a TS1000 and in- cluded the 16K Rampack and some Timex software. Their "suggested retail price" was a whopping $200, but actual "Club price" was $50. But would you believe they sold over 1000 packages!! Folks, it's time to get out your back issues of SYNTAX, and dust off the ol' TS/ZX.

BUDGET ROBOTICS & COMPUTING (Box 18616, Tucson, AZ 85731) now stocks ZX81/TS1000 spare parts, including: the ULA chip (ICl), 64K ROM, membrane keyboard, 5 and 8 way PCB keyboard connectors, case screws and rubber

BUDGET ROBOTICS & COMPUTING (Box 18616, Tucson, AZ 85731) now stocks ZX81/TS1000 spare parts, including: the ULA chip (ICl), 64K ROM, membrane. keyboard, 5 and 8 way PCB keyboard connectors, case screws and rubber feet. Budget Robotics' obtains these parts from England to support their robot-building clientele. Write for a price list.

Have you seen the TS1000 clone that AMERICAN DESIGN COMPONENTS (62 Joseph St., Moonachie, NJ 07074, phone 800-524-0809) is selling for $29.95 (+ $5.99 for S&H)? The clone has been advertised as being "compatible with the Timex 1000". Actually, only a small amount of TS software will load. SILICON MOUNTAIN COMPUTERS (C-12, Mtn. Stn. Group Box, Nelson, B.C., Canada V1L 5P1) has a solution! Fred Nachbaur has developed an interpreter ROM for the PC8300, that will allow approximately 99% of the Timex software to load. Everything but the newest: high- resolution software, but Fred is. working..on that one too! The price of the new EPROM kit is $14.95-ppd. (U.S. funds). |

Speaking of the PC8300 Timex "clone", it's gaudy green color has earned it the nickname, "Green Hornet".

WMJ DATA SYSTEMS (4 Butterfly Dr., Hauppauge, NY 11788, phone 516-543-5252) has acquired the publishing and marketing rights: to THOMAS B. WOODS' programs: ZX PRO/FILE and PRO/FILE 2068. Prices for the software packages are $19.95 and $29.95 respectively and include the original manuals written by Thomas Woods. ZX Pro- File is the most comprehensive. database ever written for the TS1000/ZX81. Pro/File 2068 was a complete re-write for the TS2068, and offers more features than the ZX version. Thomas Woods has now gone on to write both a successful database program for the IBM PC called FINDEX and PC oriented articles for magazines.

Take note that: NOVELSOFT has a new address. and phone number: 35 Candle Liteway, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2R 335, phone 416-665-0290. David Ridge recently turned over the company to his partner, Ariel Frailich, due to a move and a career change. We are glad to see this excellent software house will continue to market their Timex Sinclair programs.

‘CHIA-CHI CHAO (73 Sullivan Drive, Moraga, CA 94556) will send you his latest product catalog for the TS1000 and TS2068 (also the Aerco FD-68 disk system), if you send in a legal SASE.

Another catalog available for the TS1000 and TS2068 is available from T & C SERVICES (20 Liberty Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14215, phone 716-834-1716). We were quite impressed with the large variety of software titles featured in this catalog. Write for your copy.

LEMKE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (2144 White Oak, Wichita Kansas, 67207) announced that they are publishing a FREE quarterly newsletter for users of their new Desktop programs. To receive your copy of the PIXEL PRINT PRESS newsletter, send 4 legal SASE to Lemke Software. The "Pixel Print Press" will feature hints,. tips, new icons, and user news...and you don't even have to own the Pixel Print software to subscribe.

Remember the Rotronics WAFADRIVE? While supplys last, you can now buy one for £18.00 (around $30.00 U.S.). from a company in England: LOGIC SALES LTD., 17 Leofric Square, Eastern Industry, Peterborough, Cambs., England. This is a special "close-out" deal. The Wafa- drive is Spectrum system, and requires both an emulator and a "twister" board in order to operate it on the TS2068. A&J wafers will work on the Rotronics.

A&J MICRODRIVE is now called "A&J Assembly". There is also a new address and phone number: 2042 Aiello Dr., Suite "C", San Jose, CA 95111, (408) 281-0100.

Mike de Sosa's new book "TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP: THE LAST WORD ON THE SINCLAIR QL" has received favorable comment from Europe. Watch for upcoming reviews in QL WORLD Magazine and QUANTA User Group Newsletter. The book is exclusively published and marketed by TDM (29722 Hult Rd., Colton, OR 97017, phone 503-824-2658) .

Reports are, that Larry Kenny of LARKEN ELECTRONICS (RR#2:Navan, Ontario, Canada K4B-1H9), may be modifying designs on his RAMdisk memory upgrade for the Timex Sinclair 2068. Internal banks of RAM may be _ used rather than the original designs first suggested, and also less RAM-than the original 256K. Regardless, Larry needs to hear from TIME DESIGNS readers if you are in- terested in additional memory for your TS2068. This is a valuable project, but will need to have substantial Support and interest to be a success. Drop Larken a postcard, if you would like details on RAM upgrades for your computer.

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